Monday, August 30, 2010

Chickens in dresses. Cats is slings. Rooster hanging post mortem awaiting the pot. Oh and a nice pumpkin harvest. We have been having a busy ending of the summer. THere has been lots of food to process. We put up our peaches and have TONS OF JAM. I ordered the school books this week and have been easing us into the new schedule already. Last week was cleaning out closets like a madwoman and bringing bags to second hand store. I feel as though a great burden has rolled off my back. I think fall house cleaning is always way more involved than spring cleaning.

Goals for the fall include.

Getting to mass every Friday.
Continuing some kind of once a week hike at least until December or I am too fat, whichever happens first. Nature journals!

Oh and everyone now has a chore list, even Ben. I become a mad organizer when pregnant.


Sherry O'D said...

What is your jam recipe?

Ben Hatke said...

I use the low sugar one on the Pomona's Pectin brand. I use evaporated cane juice or sucanat or honey depending on the fruit. You can buy it at the health food store.


Laura said...

Being pregnant is rad.

Sherry O'D said...

Anna, we need a belly shot! :)

Monica said...

Hello! New follower. You have a beautiful simple blog.