Thursday, October 15, 2009

I had a wonderful birthday this year. Our friend Jason does wine tastings (and makes magnificent chrevre!!) and he was doing one at the great little deli across from a historic mill where Ben and I spent my birthday the first year we were married. We decided to head back for old times sake had a wonderful time, bought a bottle of Virginia wine and consumed it with some salame, cheese and a bit of chocolate next to the creek behind the mill.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Fall has definitely arrived and we celebrated the turn of the year with a small Michaelmas gathering. Angelica decorated a dragon on a candle with her beeswax for St. Michael. I have been really busy with caring for all the animals. We moved our pig down here to root up the garden and the chickens are getting ready to transition out of the shed and into their coop now that they are getting all their feathers. I am amazed at how much time I spend just watching the pigs. They are so interesting. I bought onions and garlic to plant and that is supposed to happen this week but I have a feeling it won't .
It was a rather bittersweet weekend. On Saturday we attended the funeral of a baby who died of crib death, my friend Colby's nephew. It was so sad to see the tiny casket. On Sunday though, my friend Dian who suffered multiple miscarriages last year birthed a healthy baby boy, and so we had cause to rejoice as well. It all seemed so fitting at this time of year when we are seeing the death of one season and the birth of another to experience a birth and death side by side.

I have gone through the winter clothes and put away the summer things and feel that a monumental task is behind me. It is so crazy not to hunt down three little pairs of everything, shoes, gloves, socks, etc. I found a wonderful clothing company (alas expensive) through a friend and feel that I have finally found what I am looking for. Their catalogue is great inspiration for handmade items too. I am hoping to copy one of their courderoy skirts for Angelica. The company is Olive Juice Kids.

Ciao a tutti in Gravagna! Daniella I'll try to post in Italian for everyone but i am tired so bear with me!

Provo fare un post in Italiano.. Ho visto mie genitori in Luglio e sonno state bene in Gravagna. Fa bene la salute Gravagna. Ho visto come ha perso qualche kili mio papa. Loro tornanno a Gravagna questo primavera. Anche noi volgliamo andare con loro ma e dificile dire adesso, (Non c'e stato tanto lavoro per Ben adesso.) Le bimbe stanno bene. Angelica ha cominiciata sua scuola. Io la insegno a casa e fa le lessione al tavolo. Giulia parla tante parole adesso, alcune in Italiano e alcune in Inglese. Zita piace sentire le storie a fa la cuoca in cucina. Anche Ben saluta tutti in Gravagna. In questo stagione penso sepmpre do le castagne e i funghi. . . . . braci per Teresa, Mafalda, Carla e Fede e Lina!

Ci manca Gravangna sempre! Ciao!