Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Just a big love letter to my sourdough starter!

There is a lot of press these days on why bread and wheat are so bad for you and in particular we are seeing a huge rise in gluten intolerance and grain allergies. When I witnessed this, even with one of my own children I was confused, after all mankind has been making bread for thousands of years! How could we all of a sudden lose our tolerance for it?

Been reading and thinking on this a lot lately. It looks like much of this has to do with how we have changed our methods of making bread. Traditionally bread was made from a fermented starter and fermented for a long time. Bread cooked in this method with a long slow fermentation of a wild yeast is actually way gentler on the digestive system, has nutrients more readily available and also even has anti fungal properties that are healthful for building good gut flora. Did I mention it also has an incredibly delicious flavor?
I've been using my starter for a good couple of years now regularly. I bake between one to four loaves of bread a week for my family depending on our consumption and my time in the kitchen. It requires minimal time to mix it and proof it and all the times are flexible, so it fits hectic family life way better than conventional bread baking and it's precise rising times.
I also love the rhythmic feel that sourdough gives to my life. As a child I always preferred sourdough and now as an adult I am so happy to finally make this nourishing food and share it with my children.
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Saturday, March 16, 2013

March photos

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