Thursday, June 17, 2010

Garden pics in reverse order

Farmers market goods for sale.

garden beginning to get nice and bushy. I have since added mulch to my kiddo path and restaked a few tomatoes.

mid may

Here it was in early spring

We have a kitten too!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Happy thirty-third birthday to my great love, Ben!! Ben turned thirty three this past week and we celebrated with a marvelous birthday breakfast of fritatta and strawberries. I envy Ben having a June birthday because there are so many delicious things to eat at this time of year.

We have been selling at the new Strasburg farmers market outside of Christina's cafe and last week I sold salad, eggs, and strawberry jam. The best part was it was on Ben's birthday and we didn't have time to eat our birthday cake at home so we brought it with us to the market and gave away free pieces of cake. Wow, if you ever want to be popular that is the best secret. Make a big chocolate cake and go out in public and put it on a table. When people come ask about it give them a free piece and voila, instant popularity! The jam sold well too, It seems that most people like to buy food already made even more than produce! Next week, if the chickens don't get into my swiss chard again I am going to bring torta d'erbi.

We had a relaxing weekend despite the busyness. Zita has started her dance camp again and we went to the flea market and i got a sickle. Wow, I am exited about my sickle. (you know you are a Gravangota when. . .) I just need to get it sharpened and I will no longer frighten my children with a loud weed wacker again. Instead I will wield my sickle.

Our rooster also has tried to attack Julia a few times and we are thinking of putting him in the soup pot. I am pretty sure we have at least one cockerel in our new brood so he is not so invaluable anymore. Looks like the sickle won't be the only implement getting sharpened around here.