Thursday, June 30, 2011

Its been a looooong month since posting. I think many deep thoughts these days but have been neglecting the old bloggo a bit. Ben has just returned from New Orleans and the American Library Association conference. The girls and I had some adventures in his absence including meeting a cool family who is living in an old Civil War era Barn they are fixing up.
Between Birth Circle, the creek, La Leche Leauge, the Summer Reading program, the pool, and the river, we are having a busy summer and I am spending most of my free moments enjoying Ronia and her smallness and sweetness. Aunt Josepha came for a visit and brought lots of cheese too!

I also finally caved and put two bumper stickers on my car, which has been devoid of soundbites until now. I put a "Buy fresh, Buy Local" sticker and a "Ten Moons Midwifery" one. A good start. But we will leave it at that until Dan Nichols makes his Wedell Berry one.