Monday, August 16, 2010

Pat on the back right when I needed it. . .

So a few weeks ago a nasty cop showed up at our door and arrested my husband and we went through a small town drama worthy of a vintage television sitcom. My husband is analoging the entire episode for posterity in comic form over on his blog so I won't say any more about that. But, needless to say, my attitude toward the outside world has been slightly embittered of late.

Today we drove out to an orchard to get our two bushels of peaches and there was a little old lady there. I am used to this kind of person fussing about my kids climbing on things (I always tell them that their father is a gymnast) or worried that they'll get dirty when they go to draw in the dirt or look for bugs.

She asked me if my children were home-schooled. The question surprised me as it is still summer vacation but I replied that they were. Then she said in a soft Virginia drawl. “Yep, I can always tell cause they are so well behaved.

WOW! Thank you, kind lady! You have no idea how that has made my day, well my month actually. A pat on the back to homeschoolers everywhere!!!

Oh and the peaches are really good too.


Anonymous said...

hooray for peaches! and for homeschooling! and for you blogging!

appledapple said...

We enjoyed the good fruits of homeschooling for years, I'm so glad you got a happy comment instead of something negative!
I miss going to the orchards, but I did enjoy a nice box of peaches gifted to us by a neighbor.

Sarah said...

Hooray for you! Your girls are well behaved!
Summer break is over around these parts. This morning, as I lazed around in my jammies, sipping coffee, I watched the kids arrive to the school across the street. I was happy to know that our weeks schedule holds things like peach picking, trips to the pool, and a morning with friends instead of trudging off to the classroom in the early morning.

Anonymous said...

Anna: I took Grace and Bella to the beauty shop with me while I got my hair cut. Grace took perfect care of Bella, reading her books and keeping her occupied....always with a gentle voice. Need I say, the beauticians were impressed? and was I proud! Hooray for homeschooling.....although I know you girls have tough days when it would simpley be easier to put them on the bus!
Love, Ooma
PS I am always so sorry that this was not an option when all of you kids were little.

Hummingbirder said...

God bless that lady. The peaches sound delicious!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a nice compliment! The only homeschooling comments I ever get are the "you must be a saint" variety, which is kind of discouraging really. Nobody knows I'm not a saint better than my kids.

When I was about 9 months pregnant with #3 I ran into a retired public school teacher who just grilled me about homeschooling. I was so hormonal that I felt very discouraged. Right now I'd probably just tell her to go mind her own business.

--Elizabeth Butina

Daniel said...

Well you may be embittered, but I am thoroughly enjoying your husband's chronicle of his life of crime. Oh, I know, he SAYS he's innocent... :0)