Wednesday, November 28, 2012


School (unschool) days pass in a flurry here at home.  We have been doing a good deal of math games and playing with our new abacus which I really love.  I always hated math as a child but if you had given me an abacus when I was seven I may have loved it.   I find something so soothing about running my fingers over the beads.  . . . 
Also we have been attending the Spanish mass at our parish a few time and really enjoying it.  Partially because the language exposure is good for the children, and also I think because we feel so at home with Latin cultures.  With my Italian I can pick up at least 50 percent of what the priest says and most of the responses are the same.  Tonight we went for a full moon walk and looked at our little road all lit up by the moon and Jupiter which was right next to it.    I feel like there is so much to experience, so much to learn and so little time to do it in.  Angelica is good at reminding me to slow down and enjoy the process.  Here is what she did with her math tiles the other day.  She made this mosaic on our table.  

 And here she is reading on the couch in braids, wearing her crystal necklace.   Zita and Julia are probably off playing one of their multiple fantasies together.   There is one person though who has constantly been getting into trouble of late.  This one likes to find her Papa's art supplies and decorate out walls and floors with her own little creations.   I have to work hard to keep her out of trouble.  Part of my solution has been to create a little montessori based corner for her.    Here is Ronia, our maiden of mischeif,  having her first haircut.
Looking forward to my favorite season!  Advent will be with us soon.  I can't wait for the candles, the quiet, the soft lights, reflection and quiet joy of expectation.  I especially love the small feasts, St. Nicholas, Santa Lucia,  Juan Diego and the Aztec Maiden,  and all the cast of characters that visit our house in December.  . . 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

PHOTO RECAP!!!!!!!!!!

Hatke autumn in pictures. . . 

         Celebrating Bilbo Baggins birthday with second breakfast.

         Michaelmas dragon bread. . .

             A fall walk, photo courtesy of Zita. . .

    Fall is great clothes drying season. . . Italian drying racks now available in U.S. via amazon!

                                   Pumpkin carving contest.  Yes Ben wins EVERY year.

Ronia and I at Halloween as female Sherlock Holmes and little Miss Watson.