Tuesday, December 28, 2010

smoothie for sale

Anna's Pregnancy smoothie, adapted from a midwifery blog. I like it because it is, (or can be), all raw!

I cup yogurt
I/2 cup milk (raw if possible)
1 banana
1 TBS flax seeds or 2 tsp flax seed oil
3TBS coconut oil
1-2 raw eggs (I only do this with our own eggs and I only use the ones the day they are laid just to be exrtra careful, but if you have acsess to free range local eggs from a healthy flock this is okay otherwise a big no-no)

blend well

then add
1 cup fronzen berries
cinnamon or vanilla

you can also add a little honey or maple syrup to sweeten if needed

I think this baby packs a whopping 28 grams of protein and all of your calcium requirements. . . and the coconut oil stabilizes your blood sugar and the raw eggs give your liver a break.

Oh and Ben and my kids love this smoothie too and it is a great healthy snack. Wow, is there anything this smoothie can't do?

Oh and it is really important to blend the coconut oil into the other ingredients before adding the frozen stuff or you get these gross globs of cold coconut oil. Yuck.. . .

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Buon Natale!!!! Christ the Lord is born!

The tree, the panettone, the waldorf dolls, most importantly the bambino divino!!!

We have had a lovely Christmas so far. The baby Jesus is here at last and the feasting has begun. With no less than nine kinds of cheese in the fridge, a new case of wine and the girls blissfully happy with their new dollhouse and furnishings from their grandmothers we will hopefully live out the last days of 2010 to their fullest.

Of course, today was full of bundling everyone out the door for the second mass of the weekend into the bitter cold followed by the usual crash from the sugar high of yesterday but all things considered everybody got to bed by eight. (even my husband) I am so full of baklava and chocolate that I for the first time in three days went to go make some nourishing nettle tea and soak some oats for a breakfast porridge. I am needing my health comfort foods already. There is something to a hot breakfast that is so needed at this time of year. I was on this smoothie kick the past two weeks and they are absolutely energizing and so nourishing but I have to down a glass of hot tea immediately afterward or I lost my core heat.

Hmmm footsteps, look like I spoke too soon. . . . .

Julia is down for food. So typical.

Oh m goodness she is a fickle thing. Here is a sample of our conversation this morning in bed. (they are almost all like this)

Julia: Mama I want some pants.

Me: Oh, Pants?

Julia: Yeah I want pants.

Me: Oh, okay there are your little red pants. They are over there, on the floor of your bedroom.

Julia: No I don't want pants.

Me: (puzzled) But you just said you wanted pants. You don't have to wear those. There are others here in the drawer.

Julia: (with emphasis) No, I DON'T want pants

Me: You don't want pants now?

Julia : Yeah no pants. (walks away shaking her head)

I just don't get it, do I. . . . . .

Okay I am off to do bed duty round two. How could I think it could be this easy the day after Christmas. I just don't get it do I?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

. . . .Been a long and fun filled fall full of tons of fun family visitors and now we are gearing up for Christmas. I have been working hard on making the girls waldorf dolls, which consumes pretty much almost all my time now. I just finished the third one last night and realized that I did used to blog in a world without dollmaking and all our wonderful guests. So here I am again. I am not so little now and Hatke number four is going to be making an appearence early this spring.
Latley I have been drinking lots of awesome smoothies and have enjoyed cutting my own hair. I watched Scott Pilgrim and decided to bite the bullet and finally cut myself a cool thick bang (alas mine is not pink like Ramona Flowers) I had been on the fence with this one for a while. Last time I had bangs was back in my Audrey Hepburn phase freshman year of college.

The chickens have stopped laying almost completely this last couple weeks as we approach the solstice and there is pretty much no daylight at all. I am going to have to cave and buy eggs for the Christmas baking. Ben has been hoping we could get away without buying eggs but Christmas baking is CHristmas baking.

Hopefully I'll get a picture of the waldorf dolls up before they become worn with love.