Saturday, July 17, 2010

Well the summer marches on. We have some exiting news. Hatke number four is on his or her way and due late next winter (probably early march) So far I have had way more energy and less sickness with this pregnancy but I am not sure if it is the nettle tea I have been slavishly drinking or the fresh eggs and veggies from the garden but either way it has been nice not to be puking all the time. I am crossing my fingers. We just returned from our fabulous fun visit to Ben's family out in Indiana. Angelica received her first communion out there with her cousin and it was a very special and beautiful mass. We also enjoyed a breif but lovley visit with the Storks on the way out who we have not seen for a long time. Ben and I enjoyed Mike's home brewed hard cider. With all the fun we sort of just crashed today and spent the day sitting on the couch reading books with the fan blowing on us and then taking a quick dip in the creak around dinner time.