Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Good riddance Febuary. . .

The girls certainly have been enjoying the snow but I have to say as the snow melts I am catching every tiny chance I get to get out in the yard. I have never been this spring-feverish to get things done as I am this year. I suppose it is partially because last year at this time I was so busy packing the house up for our trip to Italy that the yard was the last thing on my mind. I think I spread a little compost on the garden plot but that was about it. Which means lots of work this year. . .

Today I at least got out in the yard and put some dead leaves and dirt on out compost pile which was beginning to look like a bit of an eyesore. The hollowed out grapefruit rinds and egg shells were beginning to outnumber the plant matter. The squirrels were becomming curious and it was starting to feel a bit like the Monty Python peasent dwellings. Suffice to say it is all hidden now under a pretty layer of dead leaves.

I had my errands-day in town today and I did everything on my list execpt the post office which overwhelmed me to no end. I always put it off until last and frankly after the grocery store, the library, the health food store, the bank, and the thrift store I decided to buy those pretty stamps online and pay the stupid dollar in shipping. I don't know how people with more than two children ever do anything. I can't even go into the post office with two kids after a morning of errands.

In and out of carseats all morning. In-out -in-out. Jeesh i'm probably giving my kids complexes, in addition to stressing myself out. Which is why I have limited myself to one day a week of this madness. Otherwise I glory in the possibilities of online shopping in my pajamas, with tea in hand, children happily sleeping in their beds. Yes THAT is worth five bucks in shipping,

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Here is our laundry line the other day after a snowfall. Well that's enough work for one night. I think I got this picture thing figured out.

Trying to post picture. . . .

Wow here is my first picture.

Um. . . this is Angelica pouting.

Please don't kill me Annie, but the mighty have fallen. Yes, tatalized for far to long by the soothing fonts/smooth earth tones/and artsy-fartsyiness of bloghaven I have officially made the switch. Hoefully ye faithful few will still grace me with your readership.

So here goes. . . . .