Saturday, December 27, 2008

A christmas of books and art. . . .

This Christmas I sent my neice and goddaughter a book from Floris books, ( who put out such lovley children's books. They put out a beautiful selection of very sweet innocent children's books. We bought their copy of Grimm's fairy tales a year ago and it is probably the most beautifully illustrated copy I have seen yet: vivid colors, yet very soft illustrations. I enjoy reading it to the girls so much and it has "The Hut in the Forrest" which is such a great not as well known Grimm's gem.

Also I have found another new favorite painter (in addition to my own husband of course. . . .) I of course love, love, LOVE his house too!!!!!!! Carl Larsson is his name and he and his wife are considered somewhat swedish cultural icons but they do have a lovley home and yes the painting above is his. . . here is his site (

Otherwise we have been spending our time enjoying the lovley books sent by my mother-in-law and Aunt Allison, Ben has been laughing at his new Jack Handy book, the girls have been playing under their new playstands, and Angelica has been modelling with her beeswax nonstop. I have been enjoying looking at the lovley painting of Gravagna that Ben framed for me for christmas, every morning as I sip my coffee.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Buon Natale.

I can't upload pics and nurse at the same time but i can type. . . a wee bit. Merry Christmas and let the feasting begin!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Santa Lucia

Today was the feast of Santa Lucia, celebrated traditionally with the eldest girl of the home waking everybody to a candlelit breakfast at dawn. Thankfully all went well and Angelica still has a full head of hair.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Here are your pictures, Annie! Sorry it took me a while. Lots of julia photos as you requested. The one of everyone was taken after a Sunday trip to the Used Bookstore, in the afternoon. The last is our last minute thanksgiving dinner which I was pretty proud we pulled off since my sister got too sick and we were exposed and we didn't want to expose my dear friend's great aunt (long story) anyway. . . .

In other news Ben fixed our car ALL BY HIMSELF with a part he bought on E-bay!!!! I am so proud of him.. We had to wait longer for the part but it saved us so much money and was wonderful. Angelica had a great time sitting out in the driveway with him watching and she told me all about the belts later. Great free homeschooling.

Advent is probably my favorite liturgical season and so the girls and I have made a big Bethlemhem display on our Mary altar ( Mary is sequestered in our bedroom until after Christmas season. I borrowed and baptized a waldorf idea and am tweaked it so that we are doing one day of the creation story in accordance with each week of Advent. LAst week we laid our a blue silk for the sky on the wall and a brown cloth for the dirt (heavens and the earth) and we put out the rocks. It looked barren but I found it set a good tone for the first week of Advent which starts off somber and the Church gets jollier and more festive the closer we creap towards Christmas. This last sunday we did all our plants (boxwood cuttings) , trees, and mosses, and pine cones, for the next day of creation, NExt week we do all the stable animals and flocks, and last week we will do man, (shepherds, Joseph and Mary, etc). It is fun to have something new to add as we go along and the girls are really enjoying it. I'll try to get photos up.