Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Finally updated my links to include Jamie, Clare, and Kelly. Ben was so sweet and said, hey, I'll make you a new header. My only complaint is that it is a bit narcissistic. (But Annie, you can see the hat I made from the yarn credit you gave me at River Knits!)

Jamie, to answer your question I use prefolds, snappis, and a combo of wool wrap covers and recycled sweater covers. I like the ruskovilla wool longies and disana makes WONDERFUL wool soakers but I have yet to buy any (a dear friend has some though and they look WONDERFUL). I also have a couple stacinators that I got on ebay a couple years ago and man are they sturdy. I have some kushies all in ones that are nice for outings as they are quick for changes . I know , ask a cloth diaper question and you get a dissertation. Sorry.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I have to sneak in my updates on tuesdays since Ben is always out with his RPG group then and I can hijack his compy to post pics. Angelica has taken to using our camera latley ever since I taught her how to use it and the last two pictures are taken by her!!! Josepha has been coming over almost every Friday and Saturday which is really nice. I have gotten myself into a weekly menu and weekly chore schedule so as to organize the new year. I am finding that the secret of unschooling at least in this family is hyper organizing everything else so that there is time for learning and not me chasing a pile of laundry around the house all week long with a spear. The cat has also gotten fatter since Angelica has assumed feeding responsbilities. And the girls still are really lazy about toy clean up but the HUGEST breakthrough has come with the "if you want your breakfast you must make your bed and get dressed rule." Almost all battles on that front have ceased like magic. There are still days but I no longer feel like half my day is spent having motivational talks or randomly yelling to get three little people changed out of pajamas and the morning chores done.
And I bought a beco, which is like an ergo, but with cute patterns, and it rocks. I love it. My back no longer aches and Julia likes it too and I feel like I am free to jet out the door at a moments notice again. Last week I carried ALL my groceries out of the car all by myself with Julia on my back and was pain free even after carrying her and groceries and putting them all away. Hurray!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

some little pics from christmas.

It has been a hectic new year so far between Julia turning one and a trip into the city to the Smithsonian who is is running two wonderful exhibits right now. The Pompeii exhibit is every bit as wonderful as everyone says it is and the girls really enjoyed the live butterfly room exhibit at the Natural History museum. I had to laugh when we were going through the stuffed animal section on the first floor and Zita looking at all the preserved exotic animals asked if there would be "stuffed babies". Thanks heavens no.

There sure are a ton of porto-potties in the national mall in preparation fro the presidential inauguration. Wow. They must be expecting quite a crowd. I will thankfully not be going and probably spend the evening curled up with a good book.

Lastly I found the most wonderful blog in the world. Try it to live your life vicariously through this amazing gypsy lass from the British Isles. Her wagon is so cool. Talk about leaving the rat race. . . . .