Saturday, December 18, 2010

. . . .Been a long and fun filled fall full of tons of fun family visitors and now we are gearing up for Christmas. I have been working hard on making the girls waldorf dolls, which consumes pretty much almost all my time now. I just finished the third one last night and realized that I did used to blog in a world without dollmaking and all our wonderful guests. So here I am again. I am not so little now and Hatke number four is going to be making an appearence early this spring.
Latley I have been drinking lots of awesome smoothies and have enjoyed cutting my own hair. I watched Scott Pilgrim and decided to bite the bullet and finally cut myself a cool thick bang (alas mine is not pink like Ramona Flowers) I had been on the fence with this one for a while. Last time I had bangs was back in my Audrey Hepburn phase freshman year of college.

The chickens have stopped laying almost completely this last couple weeks as we approach the solstice and there is pretty much no daylight at all. I am going to have to cave and buy eggs for the Christmas baking. Ben has been hoping we could get away without buying eggs but Christmas baking is CHristmas baking.

Hopefully I'll get a picture of the waldorf dolls up before they become worn with love.


Daniela - Gravagna said...

Ciao Anna, Long time no read.... Love the pics. The girls are getting so big... With only 5 days to go, just wanted to wish you all a BUON NATALE and FELICE ANNO NUOVO from everyone in Gravagna. Hope you manage to come over soon. A big kiss to Ben and the girls, Daniela

anna said...

ciao Anna! tanti auguri a tutta la famiglia!
buon Natale!!!!

Laura said...

Merry Christmas!

Hummingbirder said...

Merry Christmas, Anna and family! I'm looking forward to seeing the Waldorf dolls and your new baby!