Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Midwives check up. . .

Wow I can't believe there are this many mosquitoes around in October. I've been bitten more this past week than the entire summer combined. Well, in any event, they should be dropping like flies with the winds that seem to be blowing in and blowing out the last of this really hot Indian summer.

Jamie and I went to the midwives yesterday up in Charleston, WV. Karen's new apprentice who is the lady with the cute tatoo and the red hair, checked the baby's position and this time he was head down. Yea!! I assumed this was the case ever since last month when I went and he was still kind of breechish and up high and then about a week later he flipped around like three times and it hurt so bad it woke me up. I remember thinking he was probably just getting down to buisness and I guess I was right. My pee stick wasn't perfect--but it was nothing big--just had eaten lots of red meat latley which can change the Ph. I always get slightly annoyed when the pee stick doesn't read perfectly. Its like when you get one stinking multiple choice question wrong on your almost perfect test. Not bad, just annoying.

Anyway, enough on pee-sticks. Afterwards Jamie and I broke with tradition and intstead of congradulating ourselves on healthy pregnancies by cheating and buying our usual creme cheese coconut brownie at "Jumpin Java." we went across the street to the great consignment store that we just discovered that day and had never seen before.

Wow. It had the cutest kid stuff in the world and I could have bought everything in the entire store. I ended up getting three really cute maternity shirts, and the girls, pajamas and raincoats which they have been needing. I bought a sweet little handmade wool sweater in a sort of light mocha color for the new baby and this little red wool vest for Angelica. It was the first time I seriously wished I knew what I was having because some of the stuff I just passed on for lack of foreknowledge. They must get lots of rich people dumping stuff off at this place because the brands were really higher end, for the most part.

Anway it saved me about ten trips to the salvation army which has good stuff at times but you have to go constantly and you NEVER get everything you need on the same day --and usually end up buyng things like food dehydrators, and hand painted fish platters.--which are nice to have but not as useful as raincoats and pajamas.

Wow, was that an A.A. Milne sentance or what.

As for today, it was mostly grocery shopping and cleaning. No mail. . . .rrrr. Perhaps tomorrow.


Annie said...

*gasp!* Last time I was at the doctor, i totally forgot to leave them my pee! What happens if you do that? Nobody ever called me...

Also, I still need to send Ben's glasses. I'm sorry I'm so late on that. I could give you some good excuse, but whatever it was, it would be a lie.

La Bibliotecaria Laura said...

When I would have to bring both of my boys to appt. I would not pee on the stick. Not intentionally, I would just forget.

And haha I am a rich person now because I totally deal on the mama-to-mama market in baby paraphernalia. There are several stores like this here and I use them a lot. Sometimes what worked well for one child doesn't fit the next in the right season, etc.

And I am very guilty of thinking that I won't have anymore babes (newborns seem so amazing and it is like how could there possibly be another so splendid creature--and why should I hoard this stuff when others can use it NOW?

So I'll send you some stuff from my december babe to your december babe:)
pace et pane,
La Laura