Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Long rambling post. . . (yawn)

Well I have lots of cute photos but they have to wait until I can get Ben to load them properly. . .

We have really been enjoying this October weather and getting ouside more again. The girls and I have seen several cool things outside this fall, Probably the winner was the other day when we noticed that the cat was chasing a praying mantis across the yard. When we chased off the cat, the mantis meandered over to an old rotton applecore in the corner of our yard that some bees were busily eating and proceeded to knock off the bees and eat them one by one. He would put them between his little claws and munch on them like a club sandwich. It was one of the coolest things I have ever seen.

I just realized today that I am seven months along and really only have ten to thirteen more weeks of pregnacy left which seems incredibly short when you throw in Angelica's birthday, Halloween, All Saints, Thanksgiving, Advent and Christmas. Yikes. I still have so much to do, even though I have crossed the following off of my list. (warning-non mothers--very booooorrrring list.)
1. procure wool diaper covers in newborn size (check)
2. learn to play guitar passably to please a five year old (check)
3. procure lambskin (check)
4. procure little wool baby booties (thank you mother-in-law! - also check)
5. learn to knit (check--thank you "stich and bitch"!!!)
6. assemble babyclothing and diapers (check)

now the big still to do list.

1. assemble things for birth--still need to order stupid birth kit
2. sew cloth wipes
3. Christmas presents made or bought or whatever.
4. wash and launder diapers and baby clothes
5. lanolize diaper covers
6. find some decent nursing bras--does such a thing exist ?(sigh!)
7. the YARD!! (ahhhhhhhhh!--tons of scary raking comming!!)
8. find some sort of boxish wooden thing with drawers to put babie's things in.

okay the list is over--read on

I have to say though I am looking forward to Advent already. It is one of my favorite times of the year liturgically speaking. This year my mom sent the girls a really pretty little paper Advent Calendar from Assisi which I can't wait to use. Then of course there is all the other great Advent traditions-- the readings at mass, lighting our advent wreath, singing Veni Emmmanuel, and of course "Comfort, Comfort" !!!!from Isaiah. I asked Ben if we could name the baby Isaiah. He said no, absolutley not. He is still married to "Samuel" which I have to admit I am too. I just like "Comfort, Comfort."--and prophets.

We had a kickin' bonfire over the weekend that was tons of fun. Apple cider, pumkin muffins and lots of good friends. Beth brought me an aloe plant and a drop spindle (which she made) for my birthday! So now I can't wait to learn to spin which will complement knitting nicely. And Clare brought me really yummy italian decaf espresso and burt's bees!!! my fave! --so anyway it was a great time.

Oh and I finally met Tamby! She is great!

I will post the red pepper soup recipe soon for those who have requested it. . . . .


Annie said...

I am going to call you one of these days soon to ask you about diaper covers and cloth diapers. We're going to use cloth after the dinosaur grows out of newborn size diapers (we have soooooooo many newborn diapers, thanks to the generosity of other people!) and I can find the diapers just about anywhere but I have yet to find a local place where I can buy diaper covers. And I don't know what to look for or good prices or anything. Anyway, I'll call you.

A birthday bonfire sounds so fun!! I got Burts Bees for my birthday too--it was a new baby kit with stuff for baby AND stuff for me!!!!!! Hooray for birthdays!

WondrousPilgrim said...

How fun! You guys should try to go to a corn maze if you can--I've done two this fall and they are marvellous.

Happy belated birthday. There's a card in the mail for you, but you won't get it for a few days, becuase I forgot to send it... love ya!

Anne said...

I don't know how you feel about Walmart, but believe or not that's where I found my absolute favorite (and most supportive) nursing bras!

marie said...

Why/How do you lanolize diaper covers? Jona dn I are going to use cloth diapers...

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I just read those comments.

Annie, you might be able to purchase some diaper covers at the diaperpin online.

How do I know this stuff...?


Anna said...

To lanolize a cover you just buy that lanolin stuff from Lanisoh and dissolve about a teaspoon in some warmish but not hot water and let the cover soak in there for a good hour or so. Then you take it out of there and let it dry without rinsing.

This restores the sheeps lanolin to the wool which makes it water resistant. Sheesh I wish someone had told me about this before because apparently it really helps restoring their waterproofness that can be lost over time.

I also use Eucalan wool wash for my covers as it has lanolin in it too.

Annie, there was somewhere i saw a really great starter kit that was not too steep for cloth diapers online. I'll see if I can find it for you.

Basically what you need is about 24 good chinese prefolds, some snappis, and four to six covers. This is the cheapest most effiecent way to go. Shouln't take you more than 150 bucks and you are set. The diapers and snappis you can use over again for the next baby if you so choose.

I like the wool covers because they last thru multipe children where as the nylon ones wear out after one. But the wool is more expensive so I would only buy them if you knew you were commited. So the nylon may be good to start out with and there are some awful cute ones out there.

Since you don't have to buy any newborn covers since you already have free dispoables you can save even more!! Wow!
Some people also like cloth during the day, disposables at night. You save nearly as much money too since you only use one diaper at night.

Anonymous said...

I just love reading your blog. I will love seeing the pictures when Ben can get them posted for you.
Anna May (Grannie Annie)

Annie said...

Woo! Thanks for the suggestions, guys!

Anonymous said...

What is the brand of nursing bras found at Wal Mart. Though I don't usually patronize them, it would be worth it since good nursing bras seem impossible to find.

Sherry O'D