Monday, October 8, 2007

"A Rainbow at your beck and call. " Christopher Columbus-the musical

Well, I was so exited about how super clean the house was for Ben to get home and then today the weather was so hot that I ended up siting around and doing crafty stuff with the girls, so the house got a little torn apart.

But here is the little "baby Jesus" Angelica wanted to make to match her doll house couple, whom she decided were Mary and Joesph. I ordered the dolls from the Nova Natural catalog years back for her Easter basket just because they were so cute. They ended up sending me a woman dressed in blue with a rather peasantish looking husband. They have remained a very progressive childless couple until now, livin it up in their sweet dollhouse with nary a babe to be seen. Well it was high time we put an end to that nonesense so here is their first offspring. (Angelica wanted the star on the baby's belly because well, it IS baby Jesus, you know. )

Otherwise, it was lovley to have my husband back again. We took our daily stroll to the mailbox together today even though their was no mail because it was Columbus day. I was once in a musical about the life of Christopher Columbus as a sixth-grader, back when people cared about the poor fellow. I can still remember the horrid song I had to sing about "Life at a Loom." --I was Christopher Columbus' sister. Yeah that was a rather lame part. I think I did get to be courtier number five or something too. Oh well, those Kolbe musicals will forvever be comming back to haunt me.

But at least tomorrow there should be tons of mail!!!! Yea!!!

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WondrousPilgrim said...

I remember that! I wasn't in it (too little, at the time)--but I remember Columbus pulled a bright orange out of his pocket. And it was awesome.

(may i remind you of another kolbe play? "You have the most beautiful case of chicken pox i've ever seen!" hahahaha!)