Sunday, March 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Z!

Well this Sunday was Z's second birthday, and Joespha popped in to deliver her gift for Zita. Here we all are tooling around with it.

Ben drew a number two on Zita today to celebrate her age.

Of course Angelica wanted one too.

Here was the birthday cake.

And Zita blows out the candles.

We were pretty zonked today after running up to Alexandria in the cold yesterday to look at a car. The kids slept fitfully last night too so it was good to take it low key today as we all recovered from a hectic Saturday. We are having a mechanic look at the new car to bring it current to inspection but looks like Hatkes might have new wheels this week so I'm praying that St. Joesph will get it all straightened out for us.

But of course the BEST thing today was seeing the preists in Pink! Pink sundays are so great.


Anonymous said...

Happy B'day to Zita with the big "2" on her chest! We had intended to call, but wrapped up in our St. Patricks/St. Joseph/Open House party and before we knew it it was 10:30. It was a good pary with lots and lots of people and some good ping-pong games, including a brand new game we just learned.

Angilica's "4" is cool, too.


bridget said...

I think I forgot that we have daughters very close in age! My Katerina turned 2 on March 1st!! 2 is a fun age.

Scruffy McGee said...

Y'Har HAR! I forgets me OWN age! From time t'time... Life ain't never t'be easy.

WondrousPilgrim said...

YAY! Happy birthday Zita!!!

(remember how (my) Anna and I came last year for her birthday, and Z was up all night because of the chocolate!!!)

That cake looks yummy, and perfectly fitting for a pink/birthday sunday!

Dragonflyer's Ladybug said...

Happy birthday to the dearie!

I really love your table and chairs :) Where did you find them?


anna said...

Ben's dad hauled the table out of a burn pile in his Grandpa's barn and refinished it. The chairs were from ben's grandma's basement and my dad reupholstered them for us. It was a community effort!

Mike said...

Your pictures no workie.

gipsyjaime said...

i remembered, but didn't call 'till monday. actually, i've been trying to call and could not get through to you. even though i'm 1200 miles away, i do still exist! and really want to talk to you.