Friday, March 16, 2007

FIxed at last!

Well, I am so glad blogger fixed their little photo upload problem. I was beginning to feel withdrawl symptoms. This was my front porch earlier this week. I had hauled all the bedding out to air it out. Then I washed all the snow gear and hung it out in the spring sunshine and packed it neatly away. I must have jinxed things as now, however, my crocuses and daffodils are burried under three inches of snow. This is certainly testing the limits of my tolerance for cold weather.

But the funniest thing that happened today, by far, was with this squirrel who has been eating out bird food was out on the window sill. Ben tried to scare him by comming out onto the back porch (which he uses as a launching point to reach our window sill--the squirrel that is.) We thought he would get scared and not know what to do. But instead he jumped two stories off of the window sill and hopped away. I have never seen a squirrel jump from so high in my life. I thought he would kill himself.

And lastly here is a picture of my own dear beet kvass, the butt of many jokes around here (my husband, I beleive enjoys teasing me about it the most.) Dear kvass, we will always have each other.


bPHatke said...

"Coming" only has ONE 'M'!
JUST ONE!!!! Please, for the love of my sanity, Spell it right!!!

bPHatke said...

And that squirrel is my hero.

gipsyjaime said...

hooray for beet kvass! i'm a big fan of the fermented raspberry drink myself. ryan said he would drink it. i need to call you and update you on things!

WondrousPilgrim said...

has the forsythia bloomed yet? ours hasn't--and it's laetare sunday! easter is coming! Hurry up SPRING!!!

anna said...

No and I'm starting to to have serious relationship problems with Old man winter. I remember when Zita was born the forsythis was in FULL BLOOM. This year there are maybe two blooms out!!!!

Chum Bumbly said...

"Two Blooms Out" ha ha

It sounds like the name of a band of young musicians

I wish you the best of luck in your cold struggles you should travel

I myself would like to travel far and wide