Thursday, March 22, 2007

I didn't sit here to complain about taxes-it just ended up happening.

Most years I get my taxes done early and put off raking the remaining leaves in the spring. This year I have done the opposite. The ocean of leaves that covers my front yard has been all cleared but for a couple small piles. My taxes on the other hand are still not done and April is just around the corner.

Does the American government PURPOSELY make tax time fall in around Easter to distract us? Is their any REAL reason why April 15 is some kind of magical day? I am sure there are some delicious conspiracy theories about this out there but it is more likely the total lack of imagination that is the reason for the totally boring "April 15" date. Come on folks. How about the "Ides of March" that would be a cool day! Or the spring equinox--March 21. ( Also a cool day.) Chinese New Year, maybe? Oh well. I suppose nobody in Washington really cares that April 15 is a boring-nothing-but-tax-day.

But for us Catholics, we can care because it is the feast day of Blessed Damien the Leper. Well, this year we can pray that he will heal us all of economic leprosy that eats away the money we live off of.

In the end I have to admit that while I love sticking it to the government with all of my sweet sweet deductions.

Raking leaves is probably better for my soul.

Blessed Damien the Leper, pray for us.

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