Tuesday, December 28, 2010

smoothie for sale

Anna's Pregnancy smoothie, adapted from a midwifery blog. I like it because it is, (or can be), all raw!

I cup yogurt
I/2 cup milk (raw if possible)
1 banana
1 TBS flax seeds or 2 tsp flax seed oil
3TBS coconut oil
1-2 raw eggs (I only do this with our own eggs and I only use the ones the day they are laid just to be exrtra careful, but if you have acsess to free range local eggs from a healthy flock this is okay otherwise a big no-no)

blend well

then add
1 cup fronzen berries
cinnamon or vanilla

you can also add a little honey or maple syrup to sweeten if needed

I think this baby packs a whopping 28 grams of protein and all of your calcium requirements. . . and the coconut oil stabilizes your blood sugar and the raw eggs give your liver a break.

Oh and Ben and my kids love this smoothie too and it is a great healthy snack. Wow, is there anything this smoothie can't do?

Oh and it is really important to blend the coconut oil into the other ingredients before adding the frozen stuff or you get these gross globs of cold coconut oil. Yuck.. . .


Laura said...

I recently read a food science book, On Food and Cooking, by Harold McGee. It is an excellent book. Anyway, there is a whole section on eggs, and there is no nutritional benefit to eating eggs raw. No protein, anyway.

Hummingbirder said...

The smoothie sounds like the ones I make. I love the fresh egg yolks in a smoothie which gives it a bright yellow color.
Reminder: NT potluck next Sunday @ 6 :) Hope you all can come!

Sarah said...

I am glad you are blogging more regularly! I didn't know that coconut oil stabilized blood sugar! I have been having blood sugar issues lately . . . maybe I need to better about the coconut oil. I always get cheap and don't buy it.

Ben Hatke said...

Buy it in bulk. I have a source that is way cheaper. I would be more than happy to buy you some and bring it in the spring. I am soooo addicted to it.


Laura said...

and (at least try) to get coconust oil sustainably. There is a supplier called Hummingbird (coincedentally sp [?]) that sells it for a good price here.

Anonymous said...

This smoothie sounds so refreshing, I'm always trying to find different ingredients to add to my smoothies. Will be trying this one! thanks!