Thursday, September 10, 2009

Our unschooling year has begun and while the big yellow bus zooms by our house every day I can't help but feel like things are so exiting right here at home. Angelica asked me even today to teach her how to write what day of the month or the year it is and Zita has asked repeatedly to go to the Strasburg library of which we are becoming fans. Currently we are all reading together Raggedy Ann stories and D'Laurie's Greek Myths which I love! Nature walks are on Mondays and we are trying to get something social going on on Fridays. Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday mornings are our study time.

Zita is really into baking and Julia is determined to help her and always mixes up her own little biscuits or something. The wonderful thing is that Zita can then take care of all the gluten free baking while I mix up our regular batch of whatever so it is really wonderful. (Of course some things like brownies and apple crsip we just all eat gluten free to make things easier.)

We ordered chicks and they should arrive tomorrow. We have a great big crate out back all ready for them. I'm reading "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" right now and also Emma. I'm hoping to start Netflix this winter as other than Ponyo I don't think I've watched any movies for two months. Crazy.

I have to say the best part about having a house with two levels is being able to sneak downstairs in the morning and have my little quiet greeting of the day. I've been trying to do the Liturgy of the Hours and it is such a beautiful way to pray. I never thought of myself as much of a morning person but I am really enjoying them. I can always remember my mother being up before all of us every morning sitting in her rocking chair with her Bible and her coffee and what a wonderfully comforting feeling that was to wake up and see.


j'aime said...

i've been waking up early and going to morning Mass, and i didn't realize until now how much i miss it. even when surrounded by construction and city traffic, there is something so peaceful about mornings.

Annie said...

I am reading "Emma" right now too!

La Bibliotecaria Laura said...

How old will your chicks be? If they are too small they may not be big enough to make it through the winter outside if it gets real cold where you are ... just something to consider. They need to be in really warm temps. until they are about 2 or 3 months old. Which might be winter, then, and even 2-3 month old birds will be too small for a cold winter. Just some thoughts...

We love D'Aulaires' too! They have some lovely books on Trolls as well.

Angelica looks like she is trying to will the plant to grow, totoro style. :)

lj tanner said...

Your memory of your mother is inspiring to me. I always try to fit my spiritual reading in at night when the house is quiet, but I fear I grow sleepy as well. What a lovely example that would be to greet my children with in the morn.

Thanks. :)