Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Angelica has a new pet lizard and man, what an amazing and easy pet!! No pet food to buy if you have a willing six year old around who loves to catch flies. They are cold blooded with slow metabloisms so there is really hardly any poop to speak of. I find him really fun to watch. We moved him near the futon today onto the window sill where he gets more light. This is becoming my new favorite spot to nurse, surrounded by my house plants, the lizard, the sunshine, and of course the books.

The pics are from Aunt Josepha's graduation this past weekend which was a whirlwind of activity. Julia really latched onto my Dad and is was really fun to watch her with him. She reminds me so much of Josepha when she was a baby.

Lastly I found a Charlotte-Mason based homeschool curriculum for Catholics, which we are going to be using this fall. ( as much as we waldorfy unschooling gyspy vagabonds can do a "curriculum"--I don't think we are going to be super strict but it will provide some vastly needed structure for mom-hehe) I am mostly posting this to share with Sarah but everyone else is welcome to explore) It gives us a good booklist to work from. The best part is it is free but for purchasting the books. Its


Anonymous said...

hey anna!,, funny!,, i bought all the charlottemason books,, they are wonderful,, karen andreola is a gift from God, good luck!- mary grace slocum

Anonymous said...

you may have already heard of this book, but if you have not, "the well trained mind" by susan wise bauer and jessie wise is very helpful, they have a history program entitled "the history of the ancient world", the history of the medieval world", etc., all of which are very charlotte mason-esk - mary grace slocum

Margaret Perry said...

that picture of you, seph, and the girls is really the best ever. and, you forgot to mention, Angelica lost her tooth! YAY! :)

Sarah said...

Thanks! I looked at the website breifly and it looks great! I always love the CM book recommendations. I am going to have to make a much bigger school budget this year!

I love the pic of Julia and her sling. Grace and PeterXavier do that too! There is a "Natural Baby Fair" here in June and I am selling my slings. I am ordering some fantastic organic material to use as well.

Patrick said...

Just droppin' by to let you know we're keeping up the best we can ... Rose Josephine K. was born around 4:30 PM on Thursday! 7 lbs 12 oz. and the most beautiful baby girl in the history of the world - at least from my completely unbiased perspective.

Georgina is feeling great and sends her love. TTYL.