Thursday, February 5, 2009


Ah February. This is usually my least favorite month of the year, but this year I am not finding it quite so bad. We have been blessed with one unseasonably warm weekend and another in the forecast. When the weather hit the fifties last weekend we drove out to George Washington national forrest and hiked. Ben has this rock face he loves to climb but getting to it was tricky and at one point we were crossing passage creek which was frozen over in sections and the spot we crossed over on broke off and we were stranded in the middle of the raging creek. (Thank God for the Beco!!) Anyway poor Ben saw that the only way to get his family back across was ferrying us each on his back while he forded the freezing creek. It wasn't deep but I have an idea of what it was like. Ben didn't catch a cold either which was what I was afraid of. Righty, well I'm going to post a little posty for all our friends in Gravagna now which was what I came on the computer to do. . . oh and Mary Grace thanks for your comment and I am working on an e-mail to you about all that Waldorf stuff!!!.

Ciao a tutti! Ecco qua la prima neve qua in Virginia. Finalmente. Angelica era triste a prima perche ha detto Ben che cèra la neve in Gravagna, ma non qua. Forse venganno a Gravagna i genitori di Ben questo Maggio e Ben ancora sta lavorando sul libro. La Giulia diventa piu dulce e intelligente quotidianno. Ma anche birrichina. Adesso ha scoperta come butare i giochi net toilet. Io parlo italiano con la Giulia quasi sempre e adesso capisce lei, le parole "bano" e "stelline" e "micio." La Angelica e Zita stanno bene anche loro. Oggi ci habbiamo trovato ala biblioteca un libro dei fiori delle Montagne di Virginia e Angelica ha trovato dentro tanti fiori similare da quelle che nascanno anche in Gravagna nella primavera. Mandiamo baci a tutti!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Ciao a tutti!
E' bello sentire di voi e delle bimbe!
Ci mancate tanto, Anna!
Tornate presto a Gravagna...
Ci ha fatto tanto piacere ricevere il vostro pacco, ringrazia Angelica per il bellissimo disegno che ha fatto per me.
Pensate di venire, in estate?
Tanti baci da tutti!

Anonymous said...

glad to hear and see that evveryone there is fine. Matteo, like Giulia, is a little devil. Very stubborn (like his mum Lorenzo would say....). He has had a fever for the last week so have started him on antibiotics. Apart from that everyone is fine. Gravagna also misses you all. I'm sure the girls would have loved the snow there this year. come back soo. Baci a tutti, Daniela