Monday, June 23, 2008

not sure why these photos double posted but I am to scared to mess with photos right now with our super slow uploading time. I know everyone is sick of seeing pictures of my children and is probably dying for some cool stone houses or tuscan vineyards but my mom JUST got a computer (a mac--way to go mom!) and is really exited to see some pictures of the kids since I am a horrible daughter who never mails her any. That's Zita in the sling reliving her babyhood, incedentally. And the last one is the kids "fishing" on the first sunny day after the great deluge we had.

I am listening to Trio Medeiveal right now which is all I EVER listen to now (as well as the GREAT theme-song to Serenity) because all our old music is trapped on our dead compy and all that we have right now is what was on the ipod when compy died. Oh well it is making me sing more and at least I have a husband who plays the flute wonderfully.

Hoping to go for mushrooms again tomorrow. Angelica and I found some cool specimens up by the Campo Sportivo but they were none of them good to eat despite a few being bolete mushrooms. We actually found chanterelles but I was too stupid to pick them all since i was only bringing one home to identify. RRRRR.

In other news Berto's daughter has been giving me milk fresh from the cow and lives right in town which has been great. I have really been enjoying it. Not much other news other that we are hoping to all go to Florence this next week and I am so exited. I haven't been into the city since we got here and Ben found out that the best markets are on the third Sunday of the month. My sister's going to be away from her apartment for the weekend so we have a place to crash.

I also got to talk for a while with Don Lucca this morning who is the priest in the village. He is so young (thirty) and really energetic and great. I invited him up for dinner when Gwen comes so fun times ahead!


Anna May said...

I, for one, am not tired of seeing pictures of your children. I enjoy all of them. Even the duplicates.

I would enjoy that fresh milk too. The stuff we get at the stores here, isn't really milk by the time "they" are finished messing with it. I envy you getting that. So, enjoy.

j'aime said...

it is so, so, good to get vicariously caught up with you! i am so jealous of those who get to see you. i also cannot tell you how much i appreciated your calling--i can't believe i missed both of them! but thank you for your messages, and i cannot wait to get my end straightened up so i can post some pictures and get a phone card and i miss you and i love you and your life looks so lovely!

Deanna said...

Hi Anna, I, too, enjoy the photos of your beautiful family and surroundings.
We have our cow with us now so we are thankful to have fresh milk too. She's been giving 2 gallons a day or more. I really love goats though and we plan on getting a milking goat soon and chickens (I hope)!

Sherry said...

Keep the sauce recipes coming. I hope to try lasagna soon with that recipe!

Anonymous said...

Ciao Anna,
è molto carino il tuo blog, così come quello di tuo marito!
Ti faccio di nuovo i complimenti per il tuo perfetto italiano e mando un bacio alle bimbe!
Spero vi siate trovate bene nel nostro B&B!!
Buon ritorno in America e...alla prossima!!!

B&B 42A