Sunday, February 10, 2008

Wayfarers all. . .

It was so cold this morning that outside of mass I saw three little sparrows huddled up against the rectory window in the southern sunlight trying to aquire as much warmth as possible. I am always so grateful for the birds that stay in the winter and stick it out, in a season where there are so few living things outside.

The posts are rare right now, because all those precious free moments are getting caught up with things like personal hygiene, spending time hugging my five year old. interacting with real people instead of the internet. . . . and planning the big event of the year, our voyage overseas.

The Hatke gypsy clan will once again pack up our things and hit the open road this spring. Ben has been accepted back at the studio in Florence and we are going to be back in dear dear Gravagna again for a few months as well. So I have been running around getting the five week old babe her passport which arrived in the mail yesterday and purchasing our tickets, going through the girls clothes. etc.

WHY DO WE HAVE SO MANY CLOTHES??? I like to blame it on so many outside factors like the fact that I am always either nursing or pregnant, or the fact that we don't live in the tropics and could run around in sarongs all the time, but really it is my shameless thift store habits.

Lent is here again and as always I am so happy when it arrives. At this time of year it is so good to have quiet thoughtful times. I havne't made it to stations yet but am hoping to go next week. I have been having fun planning the lenten menu and doing lots of vegetarian food and steering clear of richer things (accepting Sundays of course) as we attempt to cleanse our bodies as well as our souls.

Julia has started to smile. It is beautiful.


Niall said...

When do you guys go to Italy? I look forward to reading your "Under the Tuscan Sun--the Catholic Family Chronicles" blog when you are there. BTW this is Sherry, not Niall. Congrats on the birth of Julia! Anna, you are so cool.

Anna said...

Sherry we leave March 18 and we are leaving from Dulles so we will be in VA for a few days very soon. Hope to see you!


WondrousPilgrim said...

Oh, sad! I will be coming to IN in april--so I'll miss you!! BUt it's awesome that you're going back to italia. maybe I'll make it out this time--how long will you be there for?


Joannie said...

Yea!! You're coming over here!! Hopefully I'll see you guys sometime!