Sunday, January 13, 2008


Sorry to interrupt all the sweetness and light aroud here what with the newborn baby and all. . .

but this article on cloned beef made me pretty queasy. (

So I guess now the beef at the store might not only be fattened in a pile of its own filth, fed the remains of its friends, and trucked all over this country to get to my plate, apparently I might be eating the SAME cow over and over and over again for the rest of my life. Ummm i guess one more reason to buy local beef, or else buy myself a sweet storm trooper costume.


Anyway poor Julia had the sniffles today so I decided not to bring her out to her cousin's baptism. I was bummed because I was looking forward to getting out and seeing little Anja get water poured all over her cute bald head but it was great to have a nice quiet day with just the two of us. I just didn't want to mess with a one week old baby with a cold. The good news is she is nursing, pooping and sleeping just fine despite her runny nose . I am so glad this happened with my third baby and not my first.

Well the babe stirreth. . . .


Anonymous said...

Anna: I have just two words: Cleaver Farms. They grow their own beef without any antibiotics or yucky stuff. You can buy their beef during the summer at the Farmers Market and order it during the winter...or perhaps buy a whole or half cow when you have a freezer. The brisket Andrew served at Christmas was from them. For pork, get it from the Hoover antibiotics and only grass fed. And need I say, Yummy. They also will make arrangements for you to pick it up.
We missed you at the baptism and the party after, but Angelica sure had fun with Father Alex. They really hit it off.

Anonymous said...

PS that comment was from Mama

La Bibliotecaria Laura said...

the cute baby makes up for the disgusting image of beef today painted above.
pace, la bibliotecaria laura