Friday, January 11, 2008

Julia's first week of life is drawing to a close and I think the thing I love the most about having a baby is how it is one of those rare intervals in the whrilwind of life when time slows down to a more gentle humane pace and the days last a long time.

I am loving every minute of staying in bed, oh so much more the third time around because I know that when this ends the life I have resumes its breakneck speed and tomorrow Julia will be one, Angelica reading, and Zita climbing on trees instead of me.

So for now it is sweet sweet, piano. . . piano.

. . . but we did have some big changes this week. The Christmas decorations came down and Julia lost her umbilical cord stump and my milk came in. BIg headlines around here.


WondrousPilgrim said...

oh anna! i love you! you're so funny.

gipsyjaime said...

anna, she is so beautiful. love you!

Caitie B said...

i love this post!

regina doman said...

Love your writing, Anna!