Sunday, October 21, 2007


Look at this woman. She is so awesome. She can spin wool and carry her fat little baby's weight with her forhead. I both admire and envy her. And look how happy her baby is!

My forays into spinning have ended before they have begun. I checked out this great book on spinning out only to find out that my wool is mostly unsuitable for spinning because you are only supposed to use certain parts of the fleeces and wash it a very particular way, neither of which I did, but I'm trying to keep a stiff upper lip about it and soldier on. It is still great wool for stuffing all sorts of things with. Bears, dolls, pillows, mattresses, etc.

But as for spinning I shall have to procure some more wool for that particular diversion. . . this project may go on hold for a while since the holidays and the baby both arrive simultaneously this year. The book was a very good read though and it was written by a lady from Evansville Indiana, which should please the Indiana crowd. It is called "The Joy of Spinning." She totally ripped that off from "The Joy of Cooking" people but that's okay. I don't hold it against her because she is so knowelegable about this womanly art.

Oh and picking out pumkins is serious buisness around here.


Anonymous said...

What a cute picture.

WondrousPilgrim said...


Anonymous said...

My favorite book on spinning is by Grand Master Flash.



Anonymous said...

Anna, I just love your blog. Very excited about the soup recipe. Sounds heavenly and simple to make. Can we get together some afternoon and do something cool. Jude and I need to get out of the house I think.


anna said...

SHerry you are more than welcome!

Anonymous said...

Aww, that's so darn adorable! It has given me new appreciation of the season, as I haven't seen any pumpkins on campus yet, though the hills and the foliage are still attractive.

Wow, your blog is so much more practical than mine.

Federica said...

Ciao Anna!!!
Sono contenta di vedere le bimbe! Sono cresciute tantissimo!
Tanti baci da Gravagna!