Monday, October 29, 2007


I am so exited. I downloaded sections of Mozart's Requiem mass from i-tunes for FREEEEEE!!! It is so dark and wonderful and full of pomp. I am loving listening to it with Haloween and All Soul's day right around the bend. Man, I really hope I get to go to a funeral with trumpets, drums and EVERYONE wearing black someday. I like it when the mourning is really out in the open like that. I'd probably be a huge fan of those professional mourners if they were still around.

Sorry if that's a little too morbid for everyone .

On a lighter note Angelica had her fifth birthday today and was delighted with her new wellies, Italian sticker books from Nonna, and finger puppet theatre from her Oma. I am kicking myself because we got pictures of Angelica opening her presents but the most photoworthy moment of the day was Zita in her rainboots and underwear covered in chocolate cake batter licking the cake spoon was missed. Oh well I can't run around with the camera all day. Digital cameras are a rather cruel thing to give to mothers of small children anyway. Rather like catnip. . . . .

Angelica is REALLY into the "Little House" series of books right now and we have just started into the second book. reading a chapter or two before bed at night Quite frequently now her fantasy involves her being Laura and ZIta, baby Carrie. I of course am Ma, Ben, Pa, and Pia is Black Susan, which she is usually less than enthusiastic about.

Well, time for my tea.


Annie said...

I forgot to say happy birthday to her on my blog! But did she get the snail card from us? I know we are really lame-os as aunt and uncle, we didn't even send a gift. We'll make up for it at Christmas though.

I'm glad she's getting the Little House books read to her. :)

Anonymous said...

Time for tea indeed.


Anna said...

Annie, she LOVED the card. She has been carrying it around all day flipping the little snail shell to the different pattern.

No don't worry about sending a gift. Honestly we try and keep things small for birthdays. A gift from each set of grandparents and one from us. It makes things simple and it is less pressure on everyone else. The card was PERFECT! Angelica loves that kind of thing.

SO thanks!!!!!

WondrousPilgrim said...

that's adorable!!! Well happy happy birthday to Angelica!!! I wish I had known...

i'm having trumpets at my funeral...and I promise ot wear black to yours. I hope that's not too morbid. I don't rally think death is a morbid thing, though. sad, but only temporarily so (in the infinite sense).