Saturday, August 18, 2007


Well these days I have been trying to squat and do things on my hands and knees, all part of the Hatke campaign for a non posterior birth. Today I did both those things. The old nesting instinct kicked in and I scrubbed the linoleum, on my hands and knees. As I was doing this I realized the last time I really gave it a good scrubbing like this was when I was pregnant with Zita. That was pretty funny. Then again, when you have two small children you pretty much spot clean the floor so much that it gets all cleaned in a peice meal sort of fashion.

Angelica came in the dining room and said, "It smells nice in here." and left. Zita came in several times and asked for "un po pane" and left, only to return to ask for water. I couldn't beleive how much cleaning the kids let me get accomplished today.

Then we went to Beth and Bills new little house for dinner. They live up on a little mountain now in a very nice little red house. They are waiting for their stove to arrive so Beth has been cooking on an outdoor fire. I got to help stir the chili and so got some nice squatting in. It was a nice feeling to sit there in the evening sunshine, stirring a pot of yummy food over an open fire and chatting with Beth. Angelica was beside herself to see her bosom companion again and it was a lovely evening.

I came home and took a splendid bath. There are few luxuries greater than a Satutday evening bath following a day of cleaning.

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