Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Last days of summer.

Sunflower 2
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Well I tried to pilfer apples from the Christendom apple trees this year but only ended up with one small pail of apples because I was too late and they had been wiped clean by a couple other families.

I did sucsessfully make cortido this week which is sort of a Latin American version of Saurkraut and I like it better because it is a little spicier and more colorful, like most things from those sunny southern cultures. It ferments out of the fridge for three days and then keeps for forever in the refridgerator and it is supposed to be really good for you too.

Lastly Ben and I came home to SO many tomatoes in the garden that we spent all of sunday afternoon making salsa and then had an impromtu salsa party that evening.


Anna May said...

Hi Anna,

This is Aunt Anna May. What a cute picture. Just precious. Yes, that kind of sauerkraut is very good for you. I just read that last week.

I really enjoy your blog. You do such a good job. And the girls are so cute. They take after their mother.

Grannie Annie

Anonymous said...

Yes, the impromptu salsa party was very cool.

Pineapple+Salsa=Very,very good.

Thanks Anna!


anna said...

thanks nick and grannie annie!!!!

Ben Hatke said...

I think what N-D means is that WHILE pineapple salsa is "very, very good" MY salsa amkes you fall to the floor in ecstasy.

Anonymous said...

LOL, Ben.