Wednesday, August 15, 2007


We are back from California!!!

It was good to see all my family, extended family, friends, the Pacific Ocean, and the Genova deli.

I'll admit I was disillisioned when I discovered "Pete's Cofee" is a chain. (and here I thought I was being so noble in not going to Starbucks.)

My brother's wedding was beautiful, and despite the raging fight over wether the meat at the reception was tri-tip steak or fillet mignon---I didn't care. It tasted awesome. Ben did his fire breathing at the reception which was enjoyes by all.

My mother made a horrible meatloaf--and we only dicovered later in the week that my FATHER had actually made it!!! (and was allowing my poor mother to take the flack.) The meatloaf was then turned into a rather delicious chili.

Angelica found a sea snail.

Ben and I drove up the coast to Eureka and saw the beautiful town of Mendicino where I would move if I was rich.

There are all the highlights of the trip!

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WondrousPilgrim said...

anna: peet's is a chain--but it's a LOCAL chain--started in berkeley! so, it's ok. you cna still go there. :)

see you guys was a highlight for me!!!