Monday, May 21, 2007

A night at the opera

Well, I received a totally last minute invitation from a friend last week to attend the opera with three other gals. I got off the phone and told Ben about the invite, wincing to ask him what he knew was coming next. But being married to such a wonderful man of course, my darling husband volunteered for child care and thus I had the pleasure of a night out, which is a rare and golden thing indeed for the mother of small children.

All of us ladies looked fabulous of course--and I was exited to get the chance to wear the dress from Annie's wedding again. This time I paired it with the gold shawl Ben bought me in Florence.)

We arrived early enough to grab a cappucino and dessert at the new little restauant and bar they have opened up on the second floor of the Kennedy center. The show was Macbeth and the music by Verdi was beautiful. The superano was amazing and it was really fun to actually catch some of the Italian here and there. I returned home at midnight feeling like a Cinderella and truly thankful to God for providing such a beautiful oppurtunity.

(I do have to say though, how long is it going to take them to get that nasty looking spitball bust of John F. Kennedy out of there. I mean we get like ONE handsome president and they have to go make him look all nasty. . . . .)

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WondrousPilgrim said...

but Anna, it's artistic.

how fun re: the opera. I saw verdi's otello, which was fantastic. I'm glad to know his other shakespeare knock-offs are good too!