Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hasta luego!

Fajita night! Wooooo!

These fajitas are sooooo good.

Take one red pepper, one onion, and a clove of kickin' garlic. Cut them up.

Toss into hot olive oil with sliced chicken breast, cumin, thyme, paparika, chili powder, and salt and pepper. (enough to make it spicy.)
Saute like crazy and serve steamin' hot over rice with fresh tomato, cilantro, avocado, and sour creme.

Oh it is so good.

I think I am having a mexican baby.

Honestly all the food I have to eat latley has to be seasoned with lime, lemon, cliantro, or cumin, or it simply is unappetizing.

AND sorry maggie and maria for not linking to your blogs yet. I still haven't fixed Andy's link even.

Zita just screamed at the cat. "PIA, I EAT YOU UP!!!"


Anonymous said...


I think you're having a nice boy for Maggie to marry. I suppose he could be mexican- ah, sweet cilantro! I still haven't gotten around to writing hard copy yet. This time of year is so busy!! I miss you guys and will, hopefully, see you soon.


P.s. Your dumb husband won't let me comment on his dumb blog.

Ben Hatke said...


Thank you for bringing that little oversight to my attention.


PS: please set up a meeting with Q. The last high-tech gadget he gave me was just a rusty old pipewrench. He kept calling it "the Bludgeonator"

Anonymous said...


Ah, yes, the bludgeonator. I have one of those for the chirren. No, wait, that's the spankonator. I will speak to Q... I cannot have ineptitude like this in my organization.


P.s. Whilst watching "Casino Royale"-I thought "Ben could totally kick this guy's ass!" during the super-duper cool parkour scene in the beginning.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so you can call the baby Ignatius, and call him "Nacho" for short-totally spanish,no?
I applaud your resolutions, I am a distant fan of yours via my college age daughter, but as the mother of twelve I want to add to your list that you drink lots of water and be sure to get enough rest!
I like your waldorf doll-have you seen the magic cabin dolls catalog-you would like them!

Ben Hatke said...


I can't even begin to describe to you how happy that last comment of yours has made me.

You know I take my jumping around very seriously.


WondrousPilgrim said...

i'll marry your mexican boy any day. or was M. referring to a different maggie... :)