Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Care and Feeding of Drying Racks.

Sorry this is so late but, yes Maggie we are still living without a dryer. I prefer to call this "living with a drying rack." (Which is a companionable creature in the winter. ) Drying racks are perhaps the only feat of Italian engineering, save the above the sink disk dish drain cuboard (yeah that' s next on the list.) But man this thing is so great. Yes I even hauled it across the Atlantic ocean just so it could sit about with its strangley amiable coutanence and display all my clothes for me with is spreading arms.

Besides I just love hanging my underwear on it. (In rainbow order of course-the drying rack settles for nothing less than pure artistry.)


Floaty said...

When riding, rain on me, clothe wet. If had at work, would be something use, dry coat, sock.

Maybe get one to home.

Aleuia! good for childs to see how dry, not spoil with machine.

Anonymous said...


I love your more frequent postings.... is it the ease and wonderfulness of Blogger vs. Livejournal? I actually have no idea considering I only hijack other people's blogs in the comments section and make them my own. I should start my own blog... I write too many letters- it would seem redundant.

Miss you,

Raindear said...

I am so jealous - I have an ugly one from kmart that everything slips off. Really, that is the most practical and charming drying rack ever!

Lorraine P.

anna said...

AH Mary, the blogger behind the blogs!

Scruffy McGee said...

Har! Reindeer! I be an ugly one m'self!