Friday, August 30, 2013


Hey, been working on putting this into Wordpress for a while now and actually have a few posts on the new Wordpress address, just still tweaking stuff. Sorry for the Loooooooooong absence.

New Wordpress sight is!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Anna, It's Michelle Nichols, Daniel's wife. Hope you all are doing well and good. Life here has been crazy. Our kids are so ornery! but Daniel is feeling better now than he has in 20 years!I'm relieved for him. Well anyways, I was remembering a certain shake you made once when you were pregnant a few years ago. It was one that I think your mid-wife had recommended and it included raw eggs and coconut oil? I have not found it in your blog archives yet. Could you possibly direct me to the recipe? I'm looking for a way to rehydrate/fast/balance out my blood sugars and metabolism/ and gain weight in a more level way and thought of your recipe as a good base to tinker around with. And if you have any other suggestions about healthy ways to gain weight while nursing babies and running after minions all day I'm welcoming them! Thank you and peace, Michelle- here's my email if you prefer: or I'm on FB Thanks again!