Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The pause in the day. . .

This the view out my kitchen window. While it is one of the best windows in our house it is unfortunately blocked by counter space and a filled in chimney so it is not easy to sit by and enjoy. However the brief glimpses that I am afforded when I turn to put dishes on the drainer after washing them always uplift my heart.

To get through the winter months we really need to find those little places of beauty and light because they are a precious commodity.

I also find that just because this is not a Latin country does not mean that my day does not need some kind of siesta to break it up. I find this difficult to do at lunch because of the demands of the children, the table work and the housework, especially in the winter when the days are so short. The time for it seems to fall between a little before three to a little after four. That is my window. On the best days I prep something for dinner even beforehand and then feel like a schoolgirl running out of the classroom freed from obligation. I usually try to go outside at this time of day, at least for twenty minutes even if it is freezing. Fresh air and walking help clear my head and often put the petty domestic dramas in perspective.

Now if only there was a pub. . .

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j'aime said...

amen to a pub! ;maybe on that ruddy acre of ours across the road . . . then again, maybe not. and i am super glad about your more frequent updates!