Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wee room for a wee lass. . . . .

Ronia has been in our room for a year now and really she still sleeps in our bed, but Ben has been feeling the need for a room where we can shut the door and have husband and wife chit-chat away from the ears of the children, even one year olds who are distractingly cute when they wave and say "hi" three times in a row. He kept talking about the pattern of "Couple's Realm" from our favorite-oh-so-favorite book that everyone is sick to death of us evangelizing for, Patten Language. (will someone PLEASE give Ben and Anna a new favorite book?) In this pattern it is emphasized that the married couple need a space that is specifically their own. In olden times even the canopied bed with curtains would suffice in a tight space.

It gave me impetus to move Ronia's nap mat and little things out of our bedroom and into our closet, which is really not a closet but an old stairwell converted into a closet complete with a window. I love old houses because everything has switched places so many times that the ridiculous is always possible. I hung up little pictures for her and put a little chair and some books in there too. I have been calling it her little "nidino."

Anyway, now when we are having serious discussions away from the children (or watching Battlestar Galactica --cough, cough) and they come knocking on our bedroom door Ben has taken to shouting "Couple's Realm!" really loudly until they go away. Success? Of a sort.


Margaret E. Perry said...

this kills me! so cute. so funny!

anna said...

If you look really hard Maggie, you can see the calico cat next to her feet.