Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I finally finished the writing and research for a talk that I gave this past weekend on the Genius of Woman and the Spiritual Craft of Homemaking. Reading John Paul II is always laborious but SO rewarding. His sentences are just packed with so many ideas but it was wonderful to revisit some of his writings which I haven't picked up since college.

Homemaking is a subject that always has resonated with me, mostly because I think it can be somewhat undervalued. It is however important to remember why so many women abandoned it to begin with. The structure of modern society is definitely not very commodious of the craft . Nonetheless home arts are experiencing a sort of renaissance even on a secular level thanks in part to the recession, as well as the fact that many women are feeling cheated by the current career model (which is still very male oriented in its structure). This is a good thing and I hope that we can banish the cookie cutter doormat housewife of the fifties, and welcome a newer bolder image of the homemaker.

I also found this wonderful Madonna called the ShutzmantelMadonna (sheltering cloak Madonna) which I used and thought was a very powerful image for homemakers. In it Mary shelters all sorts of people into her cloak. I love that.

Go, SchutzmantelMadonna! (gotta love German)

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