Saturday, January 21, 2012


Several times this winter I have looked out my window to see these huge black clouds of birds circling my house and then all of a sudden they will descend on our yard and eat something in the field for a minute or so and then will all fly up at EXACTLY the same moment and rest in the oak trees behind our house. It is like nothing I have ever seen before. It almost makes time stand still. I finally looked it up online.

They are starlings and it is a phenomena called murmuration.

They apparently do this when they get ready to roost for the winter. My little photo does not begin to do it justice but an amazing video of it can be seen here.

Ronia's little mat by our bed is next to the window where Angelica feeds the winter birds by throwing birdseed out onto our porch roof. Angel I was trying to catch her watching the birds on camera but she turned around when she heard me.


Kelly said...

Yes! I would see that very thing above the fields. It was so amazing, I could never bring myself to run in and grab my camera for fear I would miss it.

j'aime said...

"murmuration". what a good word.

Clare said...

We just saw that on Friday! The kids were captivated as well and ran through the house as the birds flew from one spot to another. Then they asked, "Can we go get one and bring it in!" I am so glad you realized what they are... I don't know that I would have taken the time to look it up! :)

Laura said...

the birds do that in our yard, and they go from yard to tree/wire and to the next yard... it is really beautiful