Thursday, December 29, 2011

Picture of Christmas breakfast here.

I spent the whole day in the kitchen with my Dad. We made Bolognese sauce and Ribollita and I have four loaves of bread rising overnight for a small Christmas gathering we are having tomorrow.
2011 has been a pretty bad year for many many people we know. Ben spent New Years day at a funeral and it has been a crazy roller coaster of a year from there on out. I continue to hold out hope that this next year will bring good things. Let's talk resolutions.

I could make this list a mile long but then it would be more like wishful thinking rather than resolutions.

1. Learn to play the concertina. ( Already working on this one but YouTube could use some more tutorials. All you awesome anglo style concertina players out there stop showing off and make some tutorials, dammit!)

2. Brush up on my Italian.

3. Live out of a suitcase for some of the year. Getting that travelin' bug again.

4. If I grow my hair out, do something fun with it, corn rows, etc.

5. Read Moby Dick.

6. Pray the morning office before the kids wake up.

Okay 1 and 6 are probably the most important.

Good riddance 2011!


Margaret E. Perry said...

i'll read mob dick with you.

C&D's Maman said...

Tell me what you need tutorials for on youtube and maybe I can help you