Monday, November 28, 2011

Mondays are laundry day. Probably my least favorite household chore but at least I have it over with first thing in the week.

For years we didn't have a drier. I love the zen of line drying clothes. The way you think of each family member as you pick up their clothing, the way you can arrange things on the line, tights hanging in row. Of course in the winter it is not always as fun and I was always the person who would yell out at the first clap of thunder and make a mad rush to get everything off the line.

Then I got pregnant with my fourth. I still really wanted to cloth diaper and there was a free drier in the house next door so we hauled it over here. If I have to use a drier now, and I am resigned that I do, (though some things I still stubbornly hang) at least it is an avocado green drier and it has a pink and blue strobe light in the back that blinks while it is running and it rings a little bell when the clothes are finished that reminds me of the "idea" bell noise in road-runner cartoons.

It also is holding my winter plants on it right now and provides a nice spot for the catfood away from Ronia, who loves a good meal served up on the floor.

Also if anyone has any good disco we could have a fantastic dance party while my clothes are drying.

Okay, okay, I like my drier.

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Laura said...

I love the avocado green--it reminds me of my late 70s childhood.