Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hello again NYC and Occupy Wall Street

Ben took me (and Ronia) up to NEw York with him for my 30th birthday. Wow, what an amazing time! I had lots of lovely time walking around with my husband and looking at all the beautiful buildings shrouded in October mist. There was great banjo music, espresso, and markets. . .

We rode the subway down to wall street to watch the protests and see what was really going on. I don't really trust the right or left media anymore so we thought it was a great chance to see stuff firsthand. I think that on one hand I could see how anger can feed anger and that there is a real clash of cultures mounting to a head here in the US. . . . that makes me a wee bit scared. On the other hand I saw reasons for hope.. . People who want the right to solve their own problems and put a stop to Wall street funding public policy. All very good and noble aims.
I think that the young people know that they have been cheated on one level and are open to change. That is essentially good. I just think we really need a St. Francis to lead them. . . and not a Lenin. At least they were cleaning up after themselves and have lots of fiddlers and banjo players.

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Kelly said...

It sounds like you and Ben had quite an adventure in NYC. And 3 posts in succesion! Keep it up Anna! I love your posts!