Friday, September 16, 2011

AH summer is over, and the blog is long neglected. We had an amazing trip to California to visit my family. The big highlights were going to the beach, going to the Zoo with Nonna, long evenings full of wine, amazing cheese, lasagne, sushi, fritto misto, the list goes on and on, and best of all CAMPING IN THE REDWOODS! I finally was able to meat my dear little neice too!

Now we have begun the school year and I am not sure where blogging is going to fit into things. I have been working rather intensely on discipline with a schedule of housework and schoolwork with the girls and myself. So far things have been going well. We have decided to do schoolwork in the afternoons which I find is working much better for us, We have a weekly schedule of Monday, laundry, Tuesday, Baking, Wednesday, Cleaning, Thursday, organizing and yard, gardening, etc. and Friday errands. So far this has made my life hugely more organized and since I know what I am doing it is easier to fit in little additions to the schedule here and there. I am also happy thus far with the three Classical Liberal Arts Academy classes that we have been doing this year. We did one last year just to try it out and we are doing two more this year. So far so good. One of Angelica's classes was even written by my old college proffesor!

Daniela, I haven't forgotten you! Ben and I are really shooting for next spring so keep your fingers crossed. We miss everyone over in Gravagna so much!

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Daniela (Gravagna) said...

Ciao Anna, great to finnaly hear from you. Glad everything is going well there, and the girls are getting SO big. Gravagna is good. We had a brilliang hot summer, even hotter than normal, so everyone had a good time. Hope to see you all in the spring then. Baci grossi da tutti in Gravagna. XxX