Monday, November 9, 2009

Whooo! WHat a fun week we had visiting family in Indiana. I felt like the william tell overture was playing the whole time with Zita and Peter Xavier (three and four years old respectivly) running around together. The girls has a blast sleeping at Grandma's house and playing with all their cousins( all nine of them are quite a crew together. ) We came back home and I feel like we must have slept for three days. Angelica is seven now and taken on setting the table every night.
The girls and I are reading Ronia the Robbers Daughter. It is so wonderful! I look forward so much to our chapter every day. Waking child calls. . . . .


Anonymous said...

Ciao Anna!
Abbiamo ricevuto la tua lettera con i disegni per noi. Sono bellissimi, ringrazia le bambine!
Ci mancate tanto e speriamo di vedervi in primavera a Gravagna...
Saluti da parte di tutti, a te Ben e le piccole!

famille Dubois said...

Ciao Anna, Season greetings! Cheerioo
I trust your unschooling is happening in that which Our Mother would call Grace. Because all is grace anyway, apparently as the Little Flower said. About this unschooling stuff, I also yearn to know more and want to build up something for our years to come.

May I have your address? we urgently need to ship some strrrong smellifull café for our Italo-American comrades.