Thursday, February 26, 2009

In Napa

The girls and I are out in California visiting my mom and dad and brother and sister in law and we are having wonderful visit minus missing Ben. This is absolutley the most beautiful time of year to be in Napa. The feilds are so green they look like Ireland and the blossoms are blooming. I have been enjoying the great shops and my dads cooking. I can't remember the last time I had a long break from cooking. I think it was when Julia was born! So I have been reading lots and hanging out on a blanket on the lawn with the girls, and calling Ben on Skype feeling so sad that he couldn't be here :(

There are always so many tiny things I forget about Californians that I love. I've been wishing Ben was here to share them with me . . . so here they are Ben.

How everyone puts potted plants EVERYWHERE.
How there are fruit trees even in suburbia. Some people in my parents neighborhood even have vegetable gardens instead of front lawns!!!!
painting in bright colors
how people are always out walking around, running, jogging, biking, cause hey, they have a fit Californian image to maintain.
the salsa
west coast bay area fog (love it)

Otherwise I am hoping to kick my miserable cold so we can do some day trips into San Francisco and to the beach to see the seals!


Kelly said...

That photo is stunning! So beautiful. Please keep posting pictures of this beautiful sunny place! We, in very cold, drab parts of the country right now, appreciate it ;)

Hummingbirder said...

How fun! I'm missing sunny California right now! Enjoy your visit :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Anna, this is Jamie S. in Front Royal. I should have mentioned this BEFORE you left, but I bet Jacinta would a love to hear from you! If you need her contact info, feel free to email me:

So good to hear you having a good trip.

PS No baby yet. :)

Colleen Carter said...

Anna, you're making me homesick for Napa. Unfortunately, my parents have moved and I don't have a home to go to there anymore! I miss the mustard flowers.

Margaret Perry said...

february is my favorite time in napa i miss the mustard and acacia.

Ben Hatke said...

You can get Mustard at Trader Joes, Maggie.

j'aime o'gorman said...

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happy belated to Z, and i want to call you soon.

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