Saturday, December 27, 2008

A christmas of books and art. . . .

This Christmas I sent my neice and goddaughter a book from Floris books, ( who put out such lovley children's books. They put out a beautiful selection of very sweet innocent children's books. We bought their copy of Grimm's fairy tales a year ago and it is probably the most beautifully illustrated copy I have seen yet: vivid colors, yet very soft illustrations. I enjoy reading it to the girls so much and it has "The Hut in the Forrest" which is such a great not as well known Grimm's gem.

Also I have found another new favorite painter (in addition to my own husband of course. . . .) I of course love, love, LOVE his house too!!!!!!! Carl Larsson is his name and he and his wife are considered somewhat swedish cultural icons but they do have a lovley home and yes the painting above is his. . . here is his site (

Otherwise we have been spending our time enjoying the lovley books sent by my mother-in-law and Aunt Allison, Ben has been laughing at his new Jack Handy book, the girls have been playing under their new playstands, and Angelica has been modelling with her beeswax nonstop. I have been enjoying looking at the lovley painting of Gravagna that Ben framed for me for christmas, every morning as I sip my coffee.


Annie said...

Isn't that Jack Handy book hilarious?? Martin just finished it the other night, but up until then I would often find him sitting at the kitchen table all by himself, laughing hysterically.

I posted a comment on Ben's blog regarding Christmas packages!

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