Thursday, October 16, 2008


Well if anyone still follows this blog the posts should be getting more frequent once we fly back and go back to the land of fast internet and fast food (barf). Oh by the way that's early next week.

The fall has been so beautiful here and I am getting more and more teary eyed the closer we get to leaving. This place is the most incredible little time capsule of all things Catholic. The people here are so kinds and if I had the winter I'd be speaking in dialect and wearing rubbers and a scarf in my hair by the end of it (oh wait, I already do that. . . )

We have begun to light the stufa and Ben has now learned to roast chestnuts on top of the wood stove instead of in the oven. They call them "le mundine" and Ben eats them in the evenings, like a true Gravagnot.

I am enjoying every last day here to the fullest.

Oh and I will be updating my favorite blogs list soon. I MUST add Flighty girl and Clare Corner, because they are both mad sweet craftin' mamas.


Margaret E. Perry said...

gorgeous photos. Can't WAIT for you to get home, though...I miss you all!

j'aime said...

i have a photo of that same shrine!!! only not with autumn leaves and little girls. so beautiful, and i cannot wait to have you back again! i am going to somehow attempt to come see you in the spring, and then i will also get to meet julia. bacci!

Hummingbirder said...

I would be so sad to leave too ): We look forward to seeing you again. Virginia is in the peek of fall right now and very beautiful.

anna said...

Anna e Ben, buon viaggio, portate con voi il tesoro che avete scoperto a Gravagna!
le foto sono bellissime!
vi auguro ogni bene
tornate presto, magari riusciremo a incontrarci
ciao ciao!

Anna said...

Grazie anna!

Siamo triste a salutare Italia e anche tutte le brave gente di Gravagna!

Adesso pregiamo che torniamo presto!

Bridget said...

Welcome back to America!

Did you know that you have been on my blog favorites list for over a year?