Friday, June 6, 2008

Arrivato il comupter, finalmente!

Olé, olé olé. I am trying to get used to the wacked out new keyboard on our new italian MAC which finally came today. It has all kinds of fun weird keys that American computers lack. Again I repeat, olé. Ciaò. How fun.

Well, as you can see right when the internet started to work the computer died so then we had internet but no computer which was a rather strange feeling, rather like having electricity but no light bulbs. In any event the most noteworthy event in my absence was Zìta sticking a rather large chunk of eraser up her nose which remained lodged there until Ben retrieved it with tweezers.

Otherwise it certainly has continued to rain alot. It has ceased to be funny and has turned to corner to tedious. So the sun is not shining in Tuscany this year and the presidential elections are dismal at best--but let there be cause for joy because at least the Hatke, excuse me, Hàtke computer is back (with accent marks!)

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WondrousPilgrim said...

Your girls are amazing. an eraser! sheesh.

i'm sending you an email. miss you!