Thursday, December 13, 2007

Just so I don't break a promise here is the sourdough.

The other day I thought i was in labor and thank goodness it wasn't the real deal because there was nothing to eat in the house. So today I made three lasagnas and two loaves of bread and got a little decorating done to boot. Perhaps I am having that final rush of nesting energy. Okay baby, just come next tuesday or wendesday. That would be perfect. . . . . otherwise I think I want an after Christmas baby.

I went down to the midwife on tuesday and afterward went to this Amish bulk foods store with my sister-in-law. I asked if they had any butter in the back for sale as I was told that they carried raw butter. They did. The stuff is beautiful and bright yellow and only three bucks a pound!!!! Marvelous. Anyway it is always a bit surreal to be around the Amish. I just know if i could ever be part of a religion that is so lacking in images and feasting but I will take off my hat to anyone who sells raw butter on the black market and stubbornly refuses to own a car. Just tonight we were putting our kids in the car, in the cold, fiddling with the carseats, etc., and Ben is always two steps away from getting rid of ours, at moments like that. . . .

I swear in two hundred years the midwest will be entirley populated by Mexicans and the Amish. Just bring on the mariachi barn raisings (hold the tequila.)


Anonymous said...

Actually, I think for a Mariachi barn-raising the tequila would be quite nice... perhaps even necessary!


Ben Hatke said...

Hold the Tequila?!?

More like, "hold the barn-raising!"

Ben Hatke said...

(sheesh) I MEANT the Amish wouldn't go in for tequila. I am the last person to suggest holding the liquor.

Anonymous said...

Hey, we miss you. I need your address and phone number, NOW. before that baby comes!

Anna said...

maria, I miss you guys so much it hurts!
thanks for the post!

here is the new info.

1008 south street
lafayette in 47901